2017 has certainly certainly continued the way 2016 ended, busy busy busy!

We've been on the road all over Britain and Europe making deliveries and doing collections so there's loads coming in and out at the moment, keeping things exciting!

Check out our favourite picks from this week....

  • Mid Century French Armchair, 2 available, £450 inc VAT
  • 4 door mid century lockers salvaged from a school in Liverpool, £300 inc VAT
  • Dutch leather medicine ball salvaged from a school in Rotterdam, 23 available, £75 inc VAT
  • Dutch anatomical chart of the Giraffe, Ostrich & Buffalo, £78 inc VAT
  • Elliptical industrial pendant lights by Benjamin, 14 available, £115 inc VAT
  • Large Mid Century German desk globe, £110 inc VAT

Everything in this set is available from our website www.ottosantiques.co.uk

Otto's x