This Weeks Top Picks From The Warehouse!

After whats been yet another mental week it's time for some new stock to hit the website! We are always sourcing new stock and the production line certainly doesn't stop. From the raw, dirty and often neglected pieces that arrive on the loading bay to the finished product on the shop floor and website, it takes hard work and patience, because, afterall there are no instruction manuals for this stuff.....

  • St Johns Ambulance first aid chart circa 1943, £195
  • Large Benjamin grey enamel pendants circa 1950's, £195 each (23 available)
  • Double sided bank of mid century school drawers circa 1950's, £495

Large Benjamin grey enamel pendants circa 1950's

A new arrival on Wednesday this week were a batch of 23 large domed Benjamin industrial pendants, salvaged from an industrial building in Belfast. We've had this shape before and it is certainly one of the Otto's teams favourite industrial lights, always excited to get them in!

A deep clean for all the enamel parts, a burnish for the metal galleries and a re wire for the electrical parts and they're ready to rock and roll. Each light is carefully hand restored by our team in the workshop before they hit the shop floor and website.

In their raw state.....

St Johns Ambulance First Aid Chart 

A new arrival on friday this week was this fantastic St Johns Ambulance first aid chart by J Teck, a chart we've had in the past and another favourite of the Otto's team! 

It unfortuantely had it's bottom hanger missing when it arrived, fortuantely we keep a large stock of old timber including educational chart hangers and were able to make one. We had to ebonise the piece to match the top hanger though, so we start by using a matt black paint which is dried with a hairdryer and then coated with black boot polish to give a light sheen. The use of the old timber and our process of ebonisining gives an authentic match!

Double sided bank of mid century school drawers

A new arrival on monday and possibly our most challenging restoration of the week! It came in smoothered in years of bad paint jobs, a missing drawer and with all vintage school furniture, it's fair share of graffiti and wear and tear. Firstly the many years of paint were stripped back to it's beautiful original Beech, Cherry and Teak wood. Next a new drawer and plinth were made using matching wood and then finally after 2 coats of briwax it's finished and ready for the website!

All items are available on our webstore and in store now!

Otto's x